Dmitry Shepelev will give an interview to Andrey Malakhov

Half a year has passed since the death of Jeanne Friske, but the civil husband died from a terminal illness of the singer Dmitry Shepelev was difficult to speak on this subject. At least in the hearing. As you know, not so long ago a man presented a book written about the sweetheart and the mother of his child Plato’s “Joan. Love and disease in the history of the life of Jeanne Friske”.

The quarrel with the family of the deceased and the legal fight for the child, the scandals associated with financial liabilities and the missing charity’s money didn’t give him the slightest opportunity to stay in silence and stay with their grief alone.
Today on the talk show “Let them talk” Dmitry will tell about the struggle of his lover for life. The interview promises to be another sensation.
“Today is a very important day for me. The first big interview. My silence has been dragging on for a year and a half. To confess, to say it was not simple forces. During this time, the questions were many: why the left where the money is, why, why, when, who? To this day, sometimes I get scared of how much hate and anger swarming around” — said Dmitry.
By the way, the Andrei Shepelev persuaded to tell his version of what happened, even though it was not easy.
“I had great difficulty to agree to this, however, an important conversation, because talking about the past and stop myself from crying still hard. I believe that an interview with Andrew @malakhov007 once and for all put everything in its place, put an end to empty gossip and give us Plato deserved peace. Today the first channel of Let’s say 19:50,” said Shepelev.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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