Dmitry Shepelev was engaged in charity

Last week saw the light of book authorship Dmitry Shepelev, in which he talks about the fight against cancer of the brain, which led Zhanna Friske.

Despite the fact that the crowd is divided, some supported the showman, others the parents of the deceased singer, the book was still released. As recognized Dmitry, he is very worried about the presentation. But the responses of fans of Zhanna Friske on the book convinced him that he did the right thing.

Recently Dmitry has arranged a meeting with readers where he had the opportunity to chat with every visitor to the event, to share even those thoughts that are not in the book. The meeting went so well that now Shepelev wants to make them permanent.

“The first time I saw people for whom they wrote. Among them are past and current patients, their relatives, doctors, caring, thoughtful, compassionate people. We talked for almost an hour and a half. It said guests shared their stories, I had told her. It was a very warm meeting, important both for me and for my guests”, — said Dmitry.

By the way, is to say that part of the funds collected from the sale of the book will be transferred to the hospice charity Fund “Vera”.

Recall that the family of Joan were not enthusiastic about the books Shepeleva. Sister of the singer urged not to believe a single word, and father took to writing his memoirs about his daughter.

Source: russianshowbiz.info
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