Dmitry Shepelev was delighted with their newly acquired names

Dmitry Shepelev rarely reminds himself its subscribers, but recently made the publication in the microblog showman surprised and amused his fans. For this they had good reason — suddenly Dmitry changed his name and is Shepelev became “Theirs”. The person with that name recently met in the airport of Almaty, where the showman has arrived with a working visit.

This is a mistake, a typo to call it does not work, amused broadcaster, and he even took a selfie on the background of his “new names”.

“Meet at the airport. Bilan, Nikolaev and, of course, I’m Dmitri… Shenel?! Why?!” asked Shepelev.

Note that while Dmitri laughed at misstep host of the party, his followers rejoiced that Dmitry again began to smile. This photo is one of the few where the seven dwarfs are depicted in a good mood after all the events associated with the death of Jeanne Friske.


Source: 7days.ru
Photo: 7days.ru

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