Dmitry Shepelev said that he is not ready to sell their own son

Some time showdown between the family of Jeanne Friske and Dmitry Shepelev stopped. Apparently, not only the Internet space is tired of the everyday news in this case, but the defendants were mentally exhausted by the explanation of the relationship.

The dialogue between the parties was resumed. The family’s lawyer Friske said that they are ready to bury the hatchet and not to initiate a new investigation regarding the missing money if Dmitry agree on the world and will give Frisco to see Plato.

In the words of human rights activist Friske, they managed to collect a lot of dirt, which they are willing to destroy if Shepelev will go on their terms: “the fact that we have collected on Shepeleva enough incriminating information, and even wrote a statement to the police on the charges against Dmitry criminal case. But now all the actions we chose. Lawyers Shepeleva, too, for the reconciliation of the parties and promise that the seven dwarfs will give us to see the baby. Therefore, questions about the missing millions of Jeanne considered closed. More this issue no one does”.

The same lawyer gave reporters a recording of a telephone conversation with Dmitry, where he comments on the possibility of resolving the issue peacefully: “Baby I don’t trade. I’m not a proponent of lawsuits, according to Plato. I think that my opponents do not want the settlement agreement. So I don’t think it is possible. If you think that agreement can be reached, then please let’s discuss. I am open to negotiations. Meet with my attorneys and subject all discussed. My lawyers unlike my opponent at all times do not change. You are already there don’t know what the lawyer and, it seems, not the last. If you refuse to do it, I think he (Vladimir Friske. — Ed.) the new find. Try to influence my opponents to come. I’m ready to meet you.”

I wonder whether the parties still negotiate?

Source: kp.ru, dni.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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