Dmitry Shepelev did not return calls family of Jeanne Friske

Natalia, sister Jeanne Friske, who died last year from brain cancer, announced that Dmitry Shepelev, civil husband of the singer, which brings up and hides from them the only child artist son of Plato, did not respond to her calls.

Natalia and nephew of Plato

During a recent interview Shepelev said that would be only too happy to end the dispute over the son with his parents and sister Jeanne, and he will arrange their meeting with Plato, but it is her family not to seek him.
“Please come and visit your grandson. Last time Plato saw and heard grandma in April this year. Grandfather a year and a half ago. I want peace, peace for all of us ” — Dmitry said during the interview.
Natalia immediately called the words of Dmitry lies. On his page in the social network she posted a photo of a little Platosha made in the day when there was Jeanne. Subscribers comforted Natalia and lamented about the injustice of fate.

One of them asked: “Natasha, Shepelev on the first channel as if “allowed” to relatives of Joan came to Plato. He’s lying or really allowed?”.
“He’s lying! He’s not picking up” — said Natalia.
We will remind that Dmitry not only gave an interview, but released the book “Jeanne”, which tells of the struggle of the singer in life and about their Shepelev big and pure love.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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