Dmitry Shepelev declassified explanation of writing a book about Friske

Book Dmitry Shepelev about Jeanne Friske, about her life and the difficult period of struggle with cancer saw the light. Now fan have the opportunity to learn about the personal life of the singer, on how she struggled and what she believed while in her body the cancer has progressed.

For the first time after the death Friske, Dmitry came to television. Shepeleva choice fell on the program Andrei Malakhov, where he is quite sincerely told me about some of the things that he had experienced with Joan, he showed the grown son of Plato, whom all this time is between the families struggle

Spectators believed Shepelevo, but sister Jeanne – Natalia Friske – hastened to omit all down to earth and said that we should not believe the words of a showman.

Now Shepelev decided to explain why he wrote the book, what drove him: “first and foremost, this gratitude to all those people who supported Joan. The second reason is information. I wish the book was useful to people who first faced with the problem of cancer, not feel confused and helpless as we feel. The third reason is fear: I share those fears that we have experienced together.”

In addition, Dmitry said that this book will become a memory to Plato about his mom, because over time, memories are distorted, and the facts on paper remain.

Source: russianshowbiz.info
Photo: instagram.com

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