Dmitry Shepelev concerned about the safety of son

Two years after the death of Jeanne Friske and Dmitry Shepelev trying all the free time to devote to the upbringing of his son. According to the presenter, is now his main life priority is the safety of Plato.


Despite the fact that Shepelev bound by a contract with the First channel, he recently travelled throughout the countries of the West with Plato. The boy is seriously engaged in the study of English and goes to a specialized kindergarten. The presenter admitted to journalists in their internal fluctuations on the upbringing of the child. On the one hand he wants Plato socialized with friends, but not sure of the feasibility of an early collision with reality.

Shepelev said that in kindergarten, his son has many friends and different nationalities. However, to give the child in the Russian secondary school he is not going. The presenter hopes to find a compromise solution, in which Plato will be friends with peers from different social groups, but not to deal thus with different sorts of dangers.