Dmitry Khrustalev will lead a new cooking TV show

On “the First channel” already starts in October of the TV show “My mom cooks better”. This is the best news for fans of TV shows about cooking. Leading a new exciting TV show will be known comedian Dmitry Khrustalev.

This TV show will represent an exciting culinary battle between the two teams-families. Processes will be put in charge mother, and the cook will be the younger members of the family. The meaning of the game is to create as quickly as possible from the core product is a wonderful dish. And at this time the opposing team in a secret room watching their competitors.

Cooked meals, estimates will be made rigorous judges, rivals and a food critic.

In the first editions of the TV show the culinary battles will involve the star of the family: Oleg and Rodion Gazmanov, Valeria and Arseniy Shulgin, Sergey Glushko Lyudmila Poryvai, rose and Xenia Sabitova, as well as many other celebrities.

First issue of the new cooking show will be released October 8 at 11 am.