Dmitry Khrustalev hiding from photographers

And Natalia Bardo bathed in the rain of money. Details — in a secular review Znamenitka

Premiere of the new Comedy Thriller directed by Steven Soderbergh, was furnished with that latitude, which would have designed his Villa Bank robber who had just returned from burnt-out businessman. Sparkling, delicious snacks, in the corner, the singer sings, and the floor — the whole floor, including the red carpet is littered with fifty – and hundred-dollar bills. Guests followed the suggested scenario, missing packets of money, tossed up, basking in the rain of money, made ambiguous selfie and feel immensely rich. By the way, a peek not only checked the proximity of banknotes to the original but and shove fake pockets, obviously, to continue to the harmless luxury holiday.

Movie premiere, “the seasons”, September 5

Natalia Bardo picked up a few packs with almost actual American money and imitated the delight of a person, just winning in the casino. After Natalia left the pack and gone, some slain by the craft of acting even checked if real?

Secular party, MDM, September 7

Dmitry Khrustalev, despite their cute nature, has one major flaw — he hates to be photographed. Skillfully passing all the places where there may be photographers, the film nevertheless got in the auditorium, but managed to gracefully avoid images. Well, the companion Khrustalev simply lowered his head.

Group photograph of the actors crept up Sergei Lavygin, it not only did not spoil, and has even graced the composition. Sergey Burunov theatrically rolled her eyes, Anna Ukolova laughed, and Lavygin face urban zombie has successfully completed the sculptural group.

Mikhail Tarabukin played a passionate sketch with Alexandra Bulycheva. It was in this scene of passion, love and hate.