Dmitry Khrustalev Dating a singer

The soloist of the group DINAMA Diana Ivanitskaya-shorikova became the new lady popular Russian showman and co-host of the program “Evening Urgant” Dmitry Khrustalyov. This is reported by the media. It is noteworthy that the novel celebrities began with.. theft.

Met Dmitry and Diana through social networks. Khrustalev was one of the many subscribers Ivanytska-Sorokovoy, did not hide the fact that the girl he was cute.
On 17 August, the day of his birth, Diana received a congratulation from Dmitry and wishes well to celebrate, but at the party he happened to be the birthday girl had been robbed, as she angrily announced on his page. Then Khrustalev contacted her via private messages, and so learned. that the stolen amount was deferred on the English language. Dmitry has offered to meet, but not just meet, but to play in this quest. He sent instructions, and Diana followed them. In the end, she even had to dig by hand. The singer was embarrassed, but continued to do so, dug out the package with an amount twice that which was stolen from her, and with it a note with compliments and requests to smile more often. Then Diana became the initiator of the meeting and away we go.
“It turned out that we are neighbors. Now every evening we spend together: he, then at me. Watch football, drink wine. However, I can’t say that it’s something serious. I’m comfortable, fun, sincere, care about me and protect, but that will be further – will show time” — Diane said.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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