Dmitry Kharatyan tired of the title of a sex symbol

Ageless Dmitry Kharatyan, who is still looking women, admitted that he was tired from the title of a sex symbol that he was hanged many years ago.

“It put me on the fans and your fellow journalists and yourself never considered. In his youth, in the era of “Drawing” or “Green van” was some kind of adoration from the women, even fanaticism was observed, but then gradually subsided”.

“I’m an adult, I’m 56 years old and I’m tired from this long,” said the artist.

In addition, Kharatyan added that he does not consider himself an outstanding artist. For all its merits, according to Dmitry, he needs to thank good luck: “I don’t think I have any outstanding acting ability – I’m not great, not brilliant, but stable, average professional actor. I just a little more luck, than a very talented, very gifted”. Quite self-critical, don’t you think?

Source: kleo.ru
Photo: kleo.ru

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