Dmitry Dmitrienko has promised to surprise its subscribers

These circumstances could not be overlooked by fans of the reality show, some of which even turned to his mother with a request to take it back to Vladivostok, while Rapunzel “suck out all the juice”. However, all attempts of followers were unsuccessful, the young man continues to stay in Moscow, huddling in the housing of the former participants “House 2”, the website life-dom2.su.

And one of these days Dmitry Dmitrenko appeared on the Internet and made a sensational statement. Guy promised his followers nothing more, nothing less, but a real “bomb”! What exactly happened in the life of the hapless wife of “the brand”, he did not elaborate, but said that it would be incredible news.

“Poor Dima, to be honest, I feel sorry for him. Sure he fell in love with Olga, and his feelings were sincere, and now it seems that she’s just used it” – the audience wrote “House 2”.