Dmitry Dmitrenko said about the insanity of Olga Rapunzel

For quite a long period of time, the network has heard the calls to check on Olga Rapunzel’s sanity, but the advice of some viewers and was not heard, because the ratings that Olga gives the project his game was quite satisfactory. However, this story did not give to calm down Dima Dmitrenko told the other day that his ex-wife is really not himself lately, the website life-dom2.su.

At least nothing else a man can’t explain wild fits and tantrums Rapunzel already outside the perimeter. Dmitrenko even promised to provide proof of how out of the blue Olga rushed to call her mother, telling her mother about how her husband beat her.

“Dimon, you’re right! Don’t mess more with Rapunzel”, “It’s all poorly thought-out move, the organizers want a major scandal, with its pasture” – suggested fans of the youth show.