Dmitry Borisov: love do it like Malakhov

Znamenitka decided to learn more about the presenter, who was not afraid to be the new face of the controversial talk show

We can assume that, taking the program Andrei Malakhov, her new leading pretty risky. Secular battles for Dmitry Borisov is not entirely familiar genre, besides “Let them talk” for all associated exclusively with Malakhov. That is why the person of Dmitry still raises many questions. Znamenitka tried to clarify.

In many reviews the latest developments in “Ostankino” Dmitry Borisov somehow seems like a rookie who suddenly had the chance to take the place of one of the most famous presenters in the country. But telecharger this “newbie” for over a decade. Dmitry started working in the broadcast in 2006, and today Borisov — winner of a major television award “TEFI” in the nomination “Presenter of information program” and the order “For merits before Fatherland” I degree. And his journalistic career began even earlier. While still a schoolboy, he began to work on radio “Echo of Moscow”. Got there unexpectedly even to himself: he wrote a letter to the chief editor with the concept of a new transmission, and he was invited to try their hand.

First, Dmitry had a weekly show, but soon Borisov instructed to work more in the daily news. Well, in school it was treated with understanding. But when the young man was invited to the First channel, then immediately offered the role of presenter of the news. By the way, the TV did not even know that such a young Borisov. After all, it airs created the overall impression that the broadcasts are not a boy, but her husband. So when Dimitri got on TV, then became one of the youngest presenters.

First, he led the morning news, then evening and even the program “Time”. Well, in October 2015 Borisov was appointed General producer of the company “First channel. World network”. So talk about a young and promising sound a little strange. Himself Dmitry Borisov says modestly: “I am an ordinary person with a bad habit to consume fast food.”

A loud affair

Personal life Dmitry Borisov today hidden from prying eyes. But a few years ago, he, happy in love, not trying to hide from strangers. In 2009, he met one that was willing to throw under the feet of the whole world. During the broadcast of “Companions” he met singer Julia Savicheva. The relationship developed slowly, therefore at some moment, Boris decided to speed them up.

In 2012, in a live radio Dmitry sang a romantic song for Julia, and thus about their relationship became known to all. They constantly appeared on the secular parties and other events, not hiding from the cameras, all kind of showing how happy. That’s only together that Dmitry and Julia were able to survive for long. Today Savicheva already appears in the new status of the young mother, and Borisov is still looking for one that will become his new Muse. In the meantime, he appears everywhere with a tiny dog.

O sport, you are life!

In 2014, Boris was one of 14 thousand torchbearers ran a distance from Borovitskaya square to Prechistenskaya embankment. And then decided to buy a torch to show off to your heirs. “The instructions, which gave me a nice people, there was nothing about how to pass the fire or how to carry the torch at arm’s length or keeping both. It was hard, but I coped, changed the hand… You should have seen how all eyes were burning! Like relay — vitally important. I this torch was bought to show the children and grandchildren,” said Dmitry later. And during the race unexpectedly, it turned out that the person who was supposed to take over from Dmitry, did not appear. Therefore Borisov could have gone the distance.


Dmitry is one of the closest friends of Andrei Malakhov. Enough to see microblogging Malakhov, to discover there is an enormous number of photos with the new host of the program “Let them talk”. Because of this, immediately there were rumors that the new appointment of Borisov — it is a betrayal against Malakhov.

However, according to insider information, that Malakhov, who has already taken for himself the decision to leave, suggested instead a worthy candidate. By the way, several years ago Dmitry Borisov on the question of whether he wants to conduct entertainment programs, replied that, on the one hand, ready, but not sure he needs it. “From news to entertainment area to go very easily. A return is impossible.”

High ratings

While many predicted the program “Let them talk” a complete collapse, however the first issues showed good results. So, the first program Borisov was watched by 22% of viewers over the age of 18, including TV at the time (Mediascope data). While the transfer is still with Malakhov shortly before the air has collected around 13%.

The reaction of the stars

Russian celebrities immediately rushed to Express their respects to the new presenter. So, Anfisa Chekhova in microblog issued a joint photo with Dmitry Borisov, which she happily kisses him on the cheek. It may seem funny, but after the post, many fans somehow seriously began to discuss the novel Chekhova with Borisov.