Dmitriy Nagiev was transformed into a spectacular brunette

On the platform of the impressive size we are used to seeing Sergei Zverev because of the fact that shoes with a big wedge tried Dmitry Nagiyev, we struck. More more! Dmitry seemed to be on people with long hair in stockings and lingerie dress.

In the head there are strange images and the question: Is Dmitry decided to revise the image of a sexy seducer and to replace him with a fully female form? I hasten to reassure you on these changes Nagi decided for the sake of the series “Two fathers and two sons”, the new season which will soon start on the STS.

Of course, to see Dmitry a woman is quite unusual. However, a professional should match the title at all, because from this experiment, he refused.

However, Dmitry is no stranger to such experiments. In the comic series “Carefully, a modernist!”, popular in the 90-ies, the actor had appeared in a variety of female images. But in the new series character Nagiyev — star Pavel Gurov — will also try on the image of Napoleon.

Source: 7days.ru
Photo: 7days.ru

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