Dmitriy Nagiev has topped the Forbes

Dmitriy Nagiev has topped the Forbes

The edition has published a rating of the richest Russians, workers in the entertainment industry, and who turned out to be in this list.

With earnings at $ 3.2 million ahead of all Dmitry Nagiyev. The most profitable projects Nagiyev named the series “Teacher” and show “the Voice” and “Voice. Children.” The actor also starred in advertising of MTS, and in 2015 became the face of a network of restaurants “Eurasia” in Saint-Petersburg. In the same year he played in the Comedy “the best day”.

Dmitry has already managed to comment on his work and noted that they still need him to find because he does not remember where the money is: “can’t remember the moment when I was in a coma and stole the money where I hid it? I will not comment, because for someone they are real, for someone fictional, but I perked up and are now looking for the money: probably buried in front of the house in the sandbox on the Playground”.

In second place is the film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk and the front pocket for the year up to 1.3 million dollars.

Third on the list was Oleg Tabakov with a profit of 1.1 million dollars.

In a list of nine people also included:
Svetlana Khodchenkova ($1 million),
Vladimir Mashkov (1 million),
Danila Kozlovsky (0.9 million),
Konstantin Khabensky (0.8 million),
Sergey Bezrukov (0.6 million),
Nikita Mikhalkov (0,35 million).


Source and photo: siteua.org