Dmitriy Nagiev has become the first Russian actor on the cover of Esquire

One of the most sexy and witty presenters of the Russian media space, actor and a good person Dmitriy Nagiev was the first of our compatriot, who had the honor to appear on the cover of Esquire magazine.

Cover Esquire from the rest of the log is different manner of representations of a hero. Here Nagiyev did not escape the fate of reincarnation. So, Dimitri appeared in front of us not accustomed to bare Breasts and not dark glasses that you always give it a certain brutality and the…of Lenin.

“Do not care about 90-60-90, antennae there. Thank Esquire magazine for this honor. To be the only Russian actor on the cover — reinforces the crown, hastened to share the joy leading to Instagram.

Fans of his idol congratulated, noting that even the little ginger moustache, Dmitry does not spoil: “Congratulations! You are the best and most worthy!”, “Perfect in every way and even the red mustache not spoil”, “Russian Bruce Willis!”

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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