Dmitrievsky parental Saturday: what to do and what not

Any Church date has its own characteristics that every believer should know. The day of remembrance of the dead is very important to observe all the traditions and taboos in order to ward off the troubles and not bring grief to his family.

Every year people celebrate Dmitrievsky parental Saturday. On this day, Orthodox believers visit churches and temples to light a candle for your loved ones, and remember the relatives who have gone to the other world. The holiday history starts from 1380, and the date established by the Prince Dmitry Donskoy. Earlier Saturday, people make a funeral for the dead soldiers. It was believed that Russian soldiers are always under God’s protection, and even after their death, you must pray for the people who gave their lives for their country. Now in the memorial day people pray for their families, attend worship services and divine liturgies, and then remember the dead with kind words. This can be done at home or at the graveside of the deceased. It is believed that on this day the souls of the dead down to the ground, so you should observe all the traditions and restrictions to please them, not anger.

What to do in the paternal Saturday

In Russia it was believed that this day is the transition from autumn to winter. Began extreme cold, to which people were prepared in advance. Despite the fact that many tried to finish their business in the economy even before the Cover of the October 14, some for whatever reason do not have time to do it, and then tried to finish training before Demetrius Saturday.

The memorial meal is held after the service. The Demetrius Saturday it is customary to lay a rich table, which must be present dishes that if you loved your departed loved ones. The most important dish on the table were pies: the hostess needs to bake a lot of cakes with different fillings. In ancient times it was believed that it could appease and please the deceased.

During the luncheon. it was necessary to put on the table a separate plate, where each family member put one spoonful of their food. This dish left for the night, so the deceased could come and eat together with my family.

Parent before Saturday, on Friday, the hostess after dinner to clear the table and lay a clean tablecloth. Then re-set the table and deliver freshly prepared dishes. Thus in ancient times the deceased’s name to the table.

In Dmitrievsky parental Saturday, the family of the deceased needs to remember it only good to share warm memories associated with the deceased. So you give to understand the soul of the deceased, that you still remember and love him.

Despite the fact that many Church events is strictly forbidden to do household chores, Dmitrievsky parental Saturday is not the case. On the contrary, in this day you should spend General cleaning, and then clean up. Our ancestors certainly left in a bath of fresh broom and clean water for the deceased to appease the soul of the deceased. Most importantly, your household chores did not stop attending Church.

Saturday decided to go to the cemetery. The grave of the deceased need to get in order to get out. Then let us pray for the repose of his soul.

The Demetrius Saturday it is customary to feed the poor, they prayed for the soul of your deceased relative.

What not to do in paternal Saturday

On this day it is forbidden to curse the deceased. You should remember only good things about them, otherwise you may anger their soul.

It is believed that it is strictly forbidden to commemorate the deceased alcoholic beverages. However, if in your family there is a tradition, try to do it in moderation. The souls of the dead can become angry because of drinking during supper.

Also during the remembrance not to laugh or sing a song. Despite the fact that the holiday is not of a funereal character, do not forget that on this day you remember ones who are no longer among the living. So the fun would be inappropriate.

If your deceased relative had committed suicide or when the life was not a believer, you will not be able to remember him in the Church and put for the repose of his soul candle. In this case, you can pray for him at home.

Probably each of us is difficult to accept the death of their loved ones, but their soul is always with us. To and in another world our family felt peace, you need to read a memorial prayer for the dead. We wish health to you and your family