Dmitrievsky parental Saturday 28 Oct 2017

In late October of believers expects Saturday — a day of global remembrance of the dead. It directly concerns each of us, because it helps to honor the cherished memory of deceased loved ones.

The annual date of remembrance of Demetrius varies with the Orthodox celebrations. In 2017 it was moved to October 28. Every parent Saturday Christians of all Church traditions: visit the temple of God, light candles for the dead, read prayers, visited the cemetery. According to ancient legends, in those days the souls of the departed descend from Heaven to earth and watching live, watching how they cherish the traditions and keep the memory.

The history of Dmitrievsky parental Saturday

Demetrius Saturday is a big day for Orthodox people, who are waiting with trepidation and love. At this time, everyone can pray to the saints, reverently remember the dead and help them pass through all the thorns on the way to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The name of Dmitrievsky parental Saturday was not accidental. All familiar with the story of the life of the great Dmitry Donskoi. The Prince of Moscow defeated Mamai, defeating him at the battle of Kulikovo field. Don carnage and victory over the Golden Horde was clouded by the grief: a family that day lost loved ones. But the memory of heroes who gave their lives for a brighter future, the Fatherland and faith in the Lord remained in the hearts of the people. By the decree of Dmitry Donskoy and the blessing of St. Sergius of Radonezh in the 14th century it was a special day when the Orthodox people prayed and remembered heroes. Since then in Russia there was a tradition to remember the dead each year.

After a time, the sight of the warriors faded into the background, and parental Saturday acquired a different meaning. Now believers revere the memory of every person who left this world. Today the ancient tradition turned into a veritable feast, which is accompanied by a special divine Liturgy in the churches and great service. People honor the saints, cleaning first his soul, and prayer is asked on the quiet life of deceased loved ones in Heaven.

Traditions and value Saturday

Each year, the date of Demetrius Saturday is changing, so not to go past such a significant event, you must follow the Orthodox calendar and Church events. So you don’t miss anything important, showing God that live according to all his commandments.

The day Demetrius Saturday, as all the other parent days, Christians go to Church to attend a service and to order the prayer for the dead, who read the clergy, and put candles for the peace and remember the lives of those who were dear and love.

After the service, people visit the cemetery and bring all the graves in order, and then go home, where the family remember the good word buried relatives. According to tradition, on this day to get ready for dinner putting on the table everything that in life he loved dead relatives. In ancient times it was believed that the souls of the dead visit their loved ones and last house, checking how things are going in the family without them.

In pre-revolutionary Russia in every family there was a “book of names”, which was transmitted from generation to generation. It was a notebook or book in which were inscribed all the names of the departed members of this family. This was done in order to show the younger generation that life is fleeting, but the memory lives on always. And people prayed about all, preserving a sacred custom as a symbol of eternal memory.

But Demetrius Saturday carries more meaning — it reminds each of us of all the victims, the injured and gave their lives for faith and peace on earth. This list includes people who fought for their Homeland and of Christ, and those who committed the act of faith were faithful to the Lord until the very end.

The tradition of Dmitrievsky parental Saturday came to us after all this time, without losing anything important, even after more sense for Orthodox people. Don’t forget about loved ones, keep memories of them in your heart, as long as memory is alive — a living and they. We wish you peace in your soul. Take care of yourself