DJ Steve Aoki apologized to the spectators for a broken neck

American DJ Steve Aoki apologized to the woman Brittany Hickman for the broken ” neck.
The statement of apology issued by the press service of the musician. Steve apologized to Brittany and said he would do anything to at his concerts no one else was injured in this way.

Western media reported that the DJ and the injured fan has concluded an agreement on compensation immediately after Hickman sued and artist, and a club Hard Rock Hotel, which hosted the concert. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed, although the lawsuit Brittany demanded the court to recover from Aoki $ 8 million. August 18, the court considered the requirements of women to the club are unreasonable, but with the DJ’s responsibility is not removed.
Recall that during a concert in San Diego in 2013, Stephen has not thought up anything better how to throw into the crowd the raft, and then jump on him from a height of about six meters. The landing had just in that place where listening to the concert, Brittany. With a broken neck, she was urgently hospitalized.
I must say that Aoki, who come in the top ten highest paid DJs of the world, often doing such tricks in his speeches, he throws in the spectators cakes, “travels” over the heads of spectators in an inflatable boat. Maybe after the compensation of his antics will become less dangerous to others.

Source: http://www.nme.com
Photo: http://ultramusic.com

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