Divination on Christmas Eve: how to find out their fate

Christmas eve is a magic time. In Eve our ancestors paid special attention to all kinds of predictions, guessing at his fate and future.

On Christmas Eve, each person has a unique opportunity not only to lift the veil of secrecy over their future, but also to learn about upcoming changes in the lives of their loved ones. We all know that destiny can be changed. Our ancestors used divination, which gained strength a day before Christmas. According to the legend, January 6, our world gets a special light energy that energizes everyone around, and everyone at this time can improve your life.

Rules of carrying out of the Christmas divination

Divination was always popular with our ancestors. For many centuries people have been trying to predict the events of life, to be able to influence them. Over time we began to forget about the possibilities that are inherent in us. Absolutely everyone, without knowing it may change his destiny as the better and for the worse. Divination also help to look into the future and choose the end result that will satisfy you.

Since Christmas is primarily a Christian holiday, it is necessary to consider how the Ministers of the Church belong to divination. Clergymen claim that this is nebogougodnoe case, which can be dangerous. However, since ancient times, even sincere believers often resort to divination, not worrying about his soul.

To succeed, the rite must be approached with maximum responsibility. Experts in the field of esotericism is recommended to adhere to certain rules that will help you to protect your life and make the fortune-telling is really true:

The utter silence. During divination indoors should not be extraneous sounds and people.
A full immersion. You need to be fully immersed in the session, eliminate all kinds of sounds and events that can distract you.
The control of thoughts. Prepare in advance a specific question that you want to get a detailed response. All other thoughts must stay outside. Concentrate on the fact, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain.
While divination is not recommended to cross your arms or legs. Seemingly banal gesture, but in the esoteric it is regarded as a defensive and negative position, blocking your energy channels.
Divination by barking dogs

Night on Christmas Eve, go to the street, taking a fork or knife. They require you to loosen the snow. Find a quiet place where nobody can disturb, dig a shallow hole and in a low voice read a few lines of the plot:

“In this magical night to sit at home I could not endure. On the street, someone is calling the soul to tell what fate awaits me. The power of the Highest, give the answer: happiness is waiting for me or not? I’m going to cry or laugh, grief does not know what misery to be afraid of? Not Tom and…”

Do not rush to go home first, wait the dog’s bark. If the first gavknut the dog, whose barking will be angry and deafening, your life will be pretty harsh this year, but you have the strength to withstand all problems and conquer all difficulties. If the dog will bark softly and loudly, rest assured — you will find a happy and carefree future, which will give a lot of happiness, smiles and joy. If the dog will howl — expect trouble.

Divination on Christmas Eve on the water

On Christmas eve, January 6, you will be able to know your fortune with this simple method. Take 4 glasses and fill them with water to the edge. In one glass put a spoonful of honey, another half spoon of lemon juice in the third put the handful of salt, and in the last add some wine. The contents of each glass, stir, and then cover it with different towels. Arrange the cups on a tray. Close your eyes and gently roll the tray several times. Now reach down and select the glass. Making it a SIP, you will learn what fate awaits you.

If you feel the taste of honey, your life in the near future will be the same sweet and light. You have nothing to worry about. Salty says that soon you will be a lot of tears. Sour — this year you will be bored: if changes happen, they will be minor, perhaps even disappoint you. The wine glass says that life will present you with surprises that will lift your spirit.

Believe divination or not — to solve only to you, but many people trust this method to look into the future and find answers to many urgent questions. Only a few know what lies beyond the event horizon, but on Christmas Eve the opportunity you have. We wish you great mood and success in all