Divination at Christmas time at home

Yuletide in 2018 starts January 7 and runs until the 19th. At this time you can tell fortunes on her spouse just to find out what lies ahead for you.

Yule divination, collected for you by the site team dailyhoro.ru do not require special training. All you need is confidence in yourself and the desire to know hidden from you. Use the Christmas day in order to achieve prosperity and good luck not only in personal life but also in business.

Divination for betrothed

1. Unmarried girls before midnight shall cut the thread the same length and burn them to a burning candle, while thinking about your lover or that I want to meet a loved one. The girl, whose filament burns out faster, first find happiness in his personal life.

2. An unmarried girl in the dark can call by dialed number. If a man answers, happiness in love will come soon. If a woman is on the way get a girl that will interfere with your personal happiness.

3. Before going to bed to drink a glass of water with dissolved salt. Then say: “the one dream will be to get drunk.” Who you dream, the belief will become your husband.

4. Before bed, put the four kings of new decks of cards under the pillow. The man, who appeared to you in a dream in the red, promises a kind and generous husband, and the black — fisted and stingy with compliments.

5. Single girls during Christmas week can guess who are the first to marry. To do this, take turns to throw the ring toward the door. The girl whose ring has come to the threshold, may collect a dowry for the first marriage.

Guessing the future

1. In the dark fill the wide clean water container and light the wax candle. Pour the wax into the water, saying: “the Wax patterns spread out, open secrets, what will happen to me indicate”. The resulting images you will be able to interpret what awaits you in the near future.

2. Put a few symbolic objects in a bag and put it under the pillow. Pick up little things with meaning for you. So, the key can mean a quick move, the ring will be the prelude to marriage, and so on. In the morning not looking take out the first object that caught you by the arm.

3. Take a few cups or small containers of the same size. In one place the ring in the second — the bread, the third coin in the fourth Sol in the fifth — sugar. Close your eyes and move the tank and then randomly pick one of them. Sugar promises a fun and carefree life, the coin is financial stability, bread suggests that your house will be full Cup, salt — to tears, and the ring — for an early marriage.

4. Crumple a sheet of blank paper, put it on a flat surface and light the candle. The shadow that you see will tell you about what to expect in the future.

5. On a sheet of paper draw a circle and divide it into several parts. Write in it any questions you have. Read them aloud and put to paper the pendulum. If it will sway from side to side, the answer to the question is negative. Whirling in a circle or back and forth motion promises a positive response. Ask questions so that the answer to them was unequivocal.

A lot of divination, which are carefully passed on by our ancestors from mouth to mouth, and are popular in the modern world. Someone considers such activities ordinary indulgence, while others do get answers to their questions and know what to expect in the near future.