Disease Kim Kardashian progresses

Nervous life could not impact on the appearance of the American TV star Kim Kardashian. It is no secret that for the past six years as a celebrity suffers from psoriasis. Now she found signs of a terminal illness and on his face. About this, Kim wrote a desperate post on his page in the social network.

“Wait, why psoriasis I now have on my face?” — wrote Kim to her followers. As admitted Kardashian in an interview it took her several years to accept and make the disease, stop complexes about this and start talking openly. Previously, she very shy about it, but realizing that it’s pointless, just took psoriasis.It is obvious that the illness continues to progress and spread.

Recently Kim had a lot of nervous. After the September robbery Kardashian in Paris, her husband Kanye West was hit with a nervous breakdown in a specialized clinic. Then there were rumors of an impending divorce of the couple. But their appearance together in public a bit scattered this dust into the eyes of the public by some unscrupulous media.

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Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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