Director Sam Mendes has refused to direct the sequel of James bond

Director Sam Mendes has refused to direct the sequel of James bond

The Director has publicly stated that he was willing to give Director’s chair to someone else.

Oscar-winning Director Sam Mendes, under whose leadership was taken two extreme parts of James bond: “007: Coordinates “Skayfoll” and “007: Spectrum”, announced that will no longer work on the franchise. This statement Mendes has made during his public speech at the festival, Hayon-Wye, Wales: “It was an incredible adventure and I loved every minute of this process. Now, I think it’s time to prove yourself to someone else. I’m sure that a new Director will be as unpredictable as mine at the time, ” said Sam.

Note that the work of Mendes “007: Coordinates Skyfall” became one of the most successful franchises. Critics were delighted with the submission and noted that in this part the creators have managed to show the new depth of the characters. While “007: Spectrum”, in spite of its considerable success, critics have called “a bit boring”.

Sam Mendes has intrigued fans of his work, announcing work on new projects: “I am a storyteller, and in the end, I want to work on stories with new characters”.

It is known that Mendez was not the first, who left work on the franchise. Previously starring Daniel Craig said that for any money not come back to shoot the continuation of the story about the bond. Bookmakers made the list of actors who according to them are the main contenders for the role of agent 007. One of them even had Gillian Anderson. But, Mendes said that any ratings will not be able to affect the decision of the Director Barbara Broccoli: “This is not democracy. Barbara decides who will be the next bond, period. At one time it was Broccoli chose little known actor Craig for the role of bond. It is noteworthy that he was able to show all the qualities of James bond exactly as it is described in the source.


Source and photo: woman.ua