Director Doug Liman will lead the “Dark Universe”

Director Doug Liman will lead the “Dark Universe”

The Director of “Faces of the future” will stand at the helm kinokomiksa “Dark universe,” which Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are trying to run in development since 2013.

Originally the movie was supposed to be Guillermo del Toro, but the project was frozen, and the Creator of “pan’s Labyrinth” moved on to other paintings. After a year ago, the band was joined by Scott Rudin as producer, “the universe” again. Now over the script works Michael Gilio.

The main characters kinokomiksa will be John Constantine, Swamp Thing, the demon Etrigan, the Dead man and the magician Zatanna. In the course of the first actions of the characters tries to build his own team. Early news about the project the film was listed under the name “Dark justice League”. Warner did not disclose the details of the plot.

Insiders reported the invitation of Lyman in “the Universe”, also added that the Director left his team “Gambit,” with Channing Tatum, but it happened by mutual agreement between the Studio and Director.

Doug Lyman has recently completed work on the drama “the Wall” with Aaron Taylor-Johnson. In the autumn of next year, it goes from crime Thriller “Man” with Tom cruise.


Source and photo: moviez.su