Dima Talibov spoke about the arrival of new participants


Hi all. Came to me two girls expressed their sympathy, Tanya and Julia. On the first day of Julia I began to pay attention and care, well, I paid attention to Tatiana. One day there were three fights girls. Lay with Tanya, talked, Julia ran up and grabbed her by the hair, I pulled them apart. After a time again came to Julia and has already poured a glass of water on Tatiana, and again there was a scuffle. The third time we again sat with Tanya together, and Julia came to us and began to bite again words with Tanya. I’m Julia said, “If I leave here, you’ll die too?”, to prevent a conflict, she said Yes. In my care Julia slapped Tanya on the thigh and said, “Let’s luck” and again there was a fight. What I for the third time said to Julia and the last thing, again if it happens again, then we’ll say goodbye.
[Author: Dmitry Talibov]