Dima Bilan told about the reasons of health problems

Dima Bilan has recently complained about fans on the aggravated gastritis and hernia of the spine. One of the possible causes of problems with health the actor called the evil eye.

The singer shared the latest news about the state of his health. This year many fans of Dima Bilan was not a little scared.

The singer lost a lot of weight to 69 kg. he said that He suffers from gastritis, and besides, he was diagnosed with herniation of the spine. Now the artist is on the mend and has already gained more than ten pounds.

In the summer the media were also rumors that the health of the artist is much worse, but Bilan has always denied such statements and reassured fans that he was okay. In a recent interview with Bilan was first told about the possible reasons for his illness — he thinks it might jinx it.

On his back found a huge number of hernias, which Dima has simply started numbness in my hands.

“Sleep hard, slept poorly, could not lay his hand somehow correctly, she was numb from these hernias. Already, the wallet could not close and buttons to fasten,” — says Dima. Bilan believes that his condition has deteriorated due to accumulated fatigue.

“I have had such a number of different communication with different people in recent years that I’m just very tired, both mentally and physically. And it’s interrelated. I’m a very sensitive person, and reflexive. It seems that the “Voice” I hatched something in the back, apparently sang. People come with different thoughts send impulses until we sit spins, drills, conjure, something else… the TV is generally not an easy thing. The people who work there are very quickly exhausted”, — said Bilan in his interview.