Dima Bilan today, the latest news 2017: state of health now, 3 Aug

For the well-being of the famous artist Dima Bilan for several months now, tirelessly watching his vast army of fans. People are genuinely worried about it, hoping that the many assumptions at this point do not have a real reason.

Contact immediately with fresh, accurate information. It shows that there are certain health problems that have been observed in Dima Bilan few months ago in the past. He’s right immersed in your favorite work. It is not difficult to guess, nothing serious with the health of the artist in terms of the deterioration occurred.

Despite the fact that a data message did not have an official basis, the emotions of the fans of Dima Bilan was not the limit. People alarmed by the information that the contractor requires the help of physicians, and especially much they freaked out after reporting on the need for surgery.

However, it soon became clear that nothing to do with the reality of this kind of information has not. Soon commented on the rumors about his illness and Bilan himself. He stressed that he feels well and for help to the doctors lately is not addressed.

Thus, it seems that the fans of Dima Bilan needs to take a breath and calm down, because most of the negative information about his condition was not confirmed as actually artist full of energy for new creative achievements.

One of the interesting features of the recent African vacation of a performer is evident by the fact that Dima once again shaved off all the hair on his head. He submitted the photo in the cap, where it is noticeable that the artist lost his hairline. Fans came to the conclusion that henceforth the contractor will often shave off the hair.