Dima Bilan today, news 14.09.2017: the health of the singer does not cause problems

Famous Russian singer Dima Bilan did not hide surprise when I read on the Internet a lot of information untrue. In particular, he was referring to information in which almost claimed that the artist is seriously ill and needs medical help.

Despite the fact that for a long time, the official reviews the artist did not give his fans time and again spoken out in an alarming style. Someone, however, was convinced that actually he’s all right, and information about the deteriorating health circulated some envious successful musician.

As it turned out, in fact, the contractor was a small health problems, but he quickly eliminated. Thus to talk about serious scrapping – it is not necessary.

Currently, Dima Bilan is full of strength, with which he sought new creative challenges. He does not stand still, and a lot of time on the beloved work. Fans can take a breath, as their worst fears were not confirmed.

At the moment Dima Bilan weighs 83 pounds, which is very good. Especially, the figure is solid, when the 69 pounds that had taken place just a few weeks ago. Thus, fans of the singer should to Atleti from the heart, as their idol all right.

Today, as you can see from the blog of artist, he works a lot. In particular, he works as one of the mentors in the sixth season of the popular vocal show “the Voice” that goes on the First channel.