Dima Bilan, the latest news today 2017: the singer continues to work


Singer Dima Bilan, to which attention is now focused on because of reports about the deteriorating health, really full of energy for new creative achievements. About the artist regularly communicates with his fans through social networking.

Meanwhile, the Internet continues to exaggerate the reports that Bilan for several months could not overcome a serious illness. First there was speculation about the cancer, but then they were denied. Then, when a statement was made by Dima, it became clear that we are talking about hernias, which occurred to him on the back and do not allow them to live and work.

The concerns of fans knew no bounds. Some of them even tried to get the mobile phone number of Dima Bilan, to support him morally. In a recent interview, the singer admitted that he was shocked by rumors of serious health problems. And molestation of fans forced him to change a few numbers. He even got the packaging the SIM card.

Touched Bilan and directly related to the deterioration of health. He did not hide that his life was such a negative period when he could not really sleep. He did not respond to any medication, then how to use something more global in terms of medical care, he could not, as was involved in several television projects.

In the end, the doctors diagnosed by a few hernias. No choice but to agree to a long course of treatment, Bilan could not take. Now he feels a significant relief and can no longer complain about health problems.