Dima Bilan requires compensation from the double

Returns Dima Bilan from a business trip, and his double. And looks like, and sings tolerably well, I suppose soon to be his hits release..but returning from California vacation the singer decided not to accept their copies, and to alert the fans that buying tickets for the concert of your favorite artist, they may be at the entry of False Dmitry, False Bilan.

Attention, Pseudo-Bilan! Come from vacation and your place is already taken by another the bright unreal singing, well, I literally Bilan! Does very all quality: tracks, lyrics and a soundtrack just like relatives, good, though not ashamed of it! But, uncle, where is the interest? Waiting for an answer! We’re going to get PR and be on set to replace me, it would be very helpful! Then you have to quickly in the showbiz “change shoes” — wrote the artist page on the social network.

And here comes the fun part: it turns out that the False Bilan not only knew the “original”. Dmitry reported that his DoppelgangeR, whose name was Eugene Moscow sir, successfully toured for the sixth year, and to cease operations is not going to. He is often invited to clubs and for corporate events as double famous artist and this is his greatest profit. Eugene carefully monitors the life and work of Dmitri, copy his style and, most shocking Bilan, participates in a candid photoshoot, what Bilan does not allow it.

Source: http://7days.ru/news
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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