Dima Bilan, news today, 19.09.2017: fans continue discussions

Popular singer Dima Bilan feels fine. About the difficulties that were aired recently in the information space, still talking to his fans, because they care about the health of Dima.

A Frank statement about the deterioration of his health Bilan made on a personal blog page on the Internet. He impressed the audience with the message that soon he will have to go through back surgery. The artist explained that it has hernias, which are not normally allowed to live and work. In particular, the singer said that from time to time he suffers from severe pain.

In a recent interview, Dima told about his health. He explained that I cut my hair to surprise his fans and admitted that this decision was made primarily for themselves. Long stay in Iceland, the artist explained that filming his new video, but after filming the singer decided to ‘upgrade’ in Iceland.

Bilan admitted that he felt quite normal, though she feels discomfort due to a hernia and gastritis. The artist noted that these problems are of no danger to his life.

Recall that in recent days, the Internet spread the message that Dima Bilan haggard and very thin. Like, all the signs of a disease on the face. However, the singer assured fans that he’s okay and he continues lot of time to devote to the job.

Currently, as can be seen, no health problems of the singer no. He’s enjoying his life in which the lion’s share of time spent on your favorite creative activity.

According to fresh data from the blog of artist, he is full of strength and determination. Despite the summer season, Dima Bilan a lot of time on the job plans.

We will remind, several months ago, fans and journalists drew attention to the fact that Dima Bilan lost a lot of weight and began to look frankly unhealthy. Real panic was added, and the artist himself, when suddenly shaved her head and went to Iceland. Fans are entrenched in their opinion: the singer found a terrible disease, and he went for treatment.

However, it soon became clear that Bilan herniation of the spine and gastritis. And the decision to shave off the hair Dima explained by a simple desire to change something in yourself.