Dima Bilan, news today, 18.09.2017: the truth about the illness of the singer

Famous Russian singer Dima Bilan was forced to deny consistently appearing in the press information about a serious disease. On an informal basis in the press got information about the fact that Bilan has struck a kind of dangerous disease, which he carefully concealed from others.

In fact, with the reality of such messages have nothing in common. Still unclear the source of spreading terrible rumors, to which Bilan is irrelevant. After all, he’s generally right and he doesn’t need emergency medical care, as previously reported by our site n4k.ru.

However, certain statements on the part of Dima previously heard. In particular, he talked about the fact that he, apparently, will need surgery to remove the hernia at the back. However, it later emerged that the experts managed with manual therapy to relieve the artist from severe pain that have been associated with this manifestation.

Rumors about the serious deterioration of health of the actor increased after he appeared bald. Of course, immediately began to spread the message about what a serious illness the singer hides from others. However, this version was not confirmed. Soon, producer Yana Rudkovskaya noticed that amritsa bald Bilan was forced due to a new project, details of which were not disclosed.

At the moment Bilan with his head submerged in his beloved work. He recently returned from Iceland where, apparently, was involved in a new project. It is possible that for him the singer obrilsya cut. Details should appear later.

If you rely on fresh photos from the personal blog of performer, it can be concluded that for the last time, he have put on a little weight and can no longer be talk about a painful thinness, which is so scared of his fans.