Dima Bilan, news today, 10.09.2017: health problems now

Singer Dima Bilan, note to which side fans are on, not so much from creative activities, but because of rumors about the deteriorating health, forced to refute the numerous speculations on this subject.

At the moment the number of questions associated with how he feels Dima Bilan, remains large. This happens mostly because of the reluctance of the artist to comment on his personal life and the moments that are associated with health. Bilan prefers to show only the creative aspect of your multifaceted life.

Soon the situation became clear. Fans, as often happens, relieved. It turned out that Dima Bilan does not need emergency assistance from physicians, and all health problems – invented by the envious musician. However, some health problems, the singer still observed. He told about them reluctantly.

Today he feels good and some of the difficulties he delivers gastritis, which he at one time obtained because of the inability of the normalized feed in view of the heavy workload, especially in the touring periods.

According to fresh data from the blog of artist, he is full of strength and determination. Despite the summer season, Dima Bilan a lot of time on the job plans.

We will remind, several months ago, fans and journalists drew attention to the fact that Dima Bilan lost a lot of weight and began to look frankly unhealthy. Real panic was added, and the artist himself, when suddenly shaved her head and went to Iceland. Fans are entrenched in their opinion: the singer found a terrible disease, and he went for treatment.

However, it soon became clear that Bilan herniation of the spine and gastritis. And the decision to shave off the hair Dima explained by a simple desire to change something in yourself.