Dima Bilan, news today, 08.09.2017: health problems do not disturb the singer

Singer Dima Bilan finally denied that he had serious health problems. The contractor said that he was tired of the many rumors about the fact that he was suffering from a serious illness and without the help of doctors he will not do.

Around the state of health of the famous artist Dima Bilan lately over and over again to ignite heated discussions, which are based on new Internet reports of a serious illness of the artist.

Despite the fact that a data message did not have an official basis, the emotions of the fans of Dima Bilan was not the limit. People alarmed by the information that the contractor requires the help of physicians, and especially much they freaked out after reporting on the need for surgery.

Along with this need to clarify that from the fans repeatedly expressed concerns about the fact that Dima be some terrible things in terms of health, which he inexplicably hides from prying eyes.

However, the latter assumptions do not have a real reason. The fact that the fresh Bilan photos captured cheerful and fit. Hardly any progressive disease it would represent to the public some new pictures.

We will remind, several months ago, fans and journalists drew attention to the fact that Dima Bilan lost a lot of weight and began to look frankly unhealthy. Real panic was added, and the artist himself, when suddenly shaved her head and went to Iceland. Fans are entrenched in their opinion: the singer found a terrible disease, and he went for treatment.

However, it soon became clear that Bilan herniation of the spine and gastritis. And the decision to shave off the hair Dima explained by a simple desire to change something in yourself. “I just decided: why not? Who said I can’t shave my head? And I did just. Not that for someone, but for themselves,” – explained in a recent interview with the singer.