Dima Bilan, news today, 07.09.2017: health problems are gone

Singer Dima Bilan not so long ago has shocked his army of fans when he revealed some details about serious health problems. It turned out that the hernia, which for several years did not give rest to the contractor, is now deteriorated and needed surgical help. Operation should pass soon.

To say that fans of Bilan was shocked means to say nothing. They did not understand how their pet has managed to get such serious health problems. Later it was revealed the detailed details. It turned out that the artist will soon need back surgery for hernia. How she had appeared – not specified.

While fans wondered what happens to their pet actually, there was fresh data about the health of Dima Bilan. On the eve came to light that the contractor had started to recover. Now he can’t complain about those terrible pains that had taken place in his life before. However, to say that Dima no longer thinks about his health, as it is impossible.

Dima has pleased his fans a message that he was able to recover. He now weighs 78 kilograms, which means an increase in weight in nine pounds.

Recall that a few months ago, Dima Bilan stunned his impressive army of fans by the news of the deterioration of health. When talking about necessary surgery, and then by appeared in public bald, to call the state his loyal fans a shock, to say nothing. No one understood what was going on with the singer. This provoked the way for the emergence of different kinds of speculation, which by not had any real facts.

To date, Bilan a lot of hard and regularly puts in his blog fresh photos and videos. From these data we can conclude that he is full of energy and healthy.