Dima Bilan for the first time told why he had health problems


Dima Bilan told why, in his opinion, his health deteriorated. The artist connects this with his work on the project “the Voice”. According to him, all because of the bad energy that within a few years came to his address from some people.

At the beginning of this year appeared the information about the disease of Dima Bilan. The artist himself did not hide the fact that his health is not perfect. The contractor told me that the doctors diagnosed him five hernia and as a result, he took the treatment and went on a short vacation.
According to him, he kept his back turned to the audience, to the stage, while people on the project was different, with different thoughts and different energy. So Dmitry, in his opinion, often had to stand on a bad energy. It affected his health.
Dmitry assured that at the present time his health is all right. And fans also noticed positive changes. Bilan not only gained weight, but became much more likely to smile, joke and overall it looks much better.