Dima Bilan broke up with sweetheart after 10 years of relationship

In the past the winner of “Eurovision” Dima Bilan has promised his girlfriend model Helen kuletskoy that in case of his victory at the song contest, he is ready to marry her. His promise, the singer did not keep, and soon after returning to his homeland, where he parted from the sweetheart. It was a few years ago, however, since then, the singer of the hit “On the shore of the sky” was not seen in the company of the fairer half. This gave rise to rumors that actually Kuletskaya was a cover netradicionnyh tendencies Dima.

Bilan himself to dot the I didn’t hurry. Contributed to the revelation of the singer and suspicions of homosexual tendencies.

To tell the truth about Dima decided his older sister, Elena, who is shocked by the message that over 10 years, Bilan met with the instructor on medical gymnastics Inna Andreeva. But recently the couple broke up.

Now, the singer has reunited with former lover Lala, whom he had met before the cooperation with Yuri ajzenshpisom. On the nature of their relationship, the singer’s sister did not speak.

It’s very confusing…

Source: russianshowbiz.info
Photo: lime.apostrophe.com.ua

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