Dima Bilan 2017 today news 21 September: the state of health of the singer

Singer Dima Bilan, note to which side fans are on, not so much from creative activities, but because of rumors about the deteriorating health, forced to refute the numerous speculations on this subject.

At the moment the number of questions associated with how he feels Dima Bilan, remains large. This happens mostly because of the reluctance of the artist to comment on his personal life and the moments that are associated with health. Bilan prefers to show only the creative aspect of your multifaceted life.

But the greatest fans surprised external change, when Bilan appeared in front of others is completely bald. Talking about cancer, which supposedly Dima conceals. However, this version was not confirmed. Soon, producer Yana Rudkovskaya noticed that amritsa bald Bilan was forced due to a new project, details of which were not disclosed.

A large army of admirers of Dima Bilan for several months wondering what had happened to him. Dima has started to dramatically lose weight. He later admitted that he was diagnosed with several herniated discs. The contractor added that he had his health, so he now has to pass through surgery.

Of course, it immediately received comments where people wished a speedy recovery. The actor admits that with him in General, everything is fine, but for some assistance from doctors he still counts. This information was current about a month ago. Now health artist all right.