Diego Luna and Garcia Bernal are encouraged to provide charitable assistance to victims of the hurricane

Not only is Jennifer Lopez worried about his family and hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, but Mexican actors Diego Luna and Garcia Bernal have started a charity campaign to support hurricane victims in their home country.

Formed in the Pacific, tropical storm Lidia destroyed many homes in the Western regions of Mexico. The wind speed in the area of the storm reaches up to 110 kilometers per hour. At least four people have died because of the storm. The star of the movie “Rogue-one: Star wars” Diego Luna and his colleague, known for the film “Amores” worried about his native country. They rallied together to get as much support from around the world.

“For those who asked how to help Mexico, we have created a special platform for grassroots fundraising. We observe that sredtsvo was aimed at helping those who really need them,” writes Moon in his profile in instagram, that would get the support from their fans. He left a link to the page where there is a Fund to raise funds.

His signature Moon attached video where his colleague tells of the losses from the hurricane. “As reported in the news, 273 people were killed, more than 100 people still has not been found. They report that 100 thousand people lost everything.”

Bernal noted that the Mexicans have responded to the tragedy with “inspirational and strong solidarity,” Diego assured them that they still need help with those who look at what is happening from afar. “We are still in need of you.”

Their platform to raise funds working with the service Omaze, which helps to support international. They also join forces with Ambulante, which would raise the necessary funds for reconstructing hospitals, schools and homes that were destroyed because of the disaster.” is written on their website.

“Ambulante is the organization of the fundraising, which drew a public program from all over Mexico for 12 years. Ambulante will to receive and to give 100 percent of funds directly to local organizations and social initiatives aimed at helping more victims from the disaster,” explain its purpose actors on the site.

On Friday, the Moon is posted in your account in instagram the second video, which showed the damage caused by hurricane Lidia. There he also urged the concerned to follow the link and donate the amount in their Fund.


Source: people.com, www.ntv.ru
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