Died singer Ludmila Rumina: the cause of death, latest news

Lyudmila Ryumin, the Creator of the musical ensemble “Rus, died in the territory of the Botkin hospital in 68 years of age after a long illness. The death of Russian singer was confirmed by the representatives of Mosconcert.

As stated by Elena Orlova, an employee of the Metropolitan cultural folklore center, Lyudmila Ryumina has died on 69-m to year of life due to cancer. Farewell to the Russian artist and Creator of the musical ensemble “Rus” was held on 4 September. It is reported that the singer gained fame through the performance of folk compositions.

On the demise of his colleagues, with sorrow, spoke the performer of folk songs Nadezhda Babkina. “All my life Lyudmila Georgievna was devoted to the service of traditional culture, its preservation, study and promotion. She has brought up not one generation of talented young people working in the folk genre,” wrote Gorky on his page on “Facebook” and expressed condolences to the families Ryumina also from the entire team of the Moscow state musical theatre of folklore “Russian song”.

Revealed new, shocking details about his personal life died from cancer of the singer Ludmila Ryumina. It turns out that the woman was married, but none of her entourage didn’t know that.

According to colleagues and friends Ryumina, she always joked that “married to the job”. Indeed, the closest people in her life, until recently, were convinced that the woman was alone.

However, the niece and goddaughter of actress Larissa in the program “You wouldn’t believe!” of NTV said that Ryumina was the husband. A relative of the singer believes that it is the legitimate wife Lyudmila now and get of her apartment and jewels.

At this, Larissa did not disclose the name of the husband of his famous aunt, considering that Ryumina, apparently, had reason to hide it. Friends and colleagues of the actress worried about what trusting a woman could fall under the influence of dishonest men. However, the niece Ryumina believes that the singer just didn’t want to share with others your woman’s happiness.