Died Oscar-winning Director Michael Cimino

Died Oscar-winning Director Michael Cimino

He died on 2 July 2016 on 78-m to year of life at home surrounded by loved ones.

American film Director, an Oscar winner Michael Cimino died on 78-m to year of life.

This was reported in his Twitter the Director of the Cannes film festival Thierry Fremaux. According to him, the Director died in a circle of friends.

Later the information about the death Cimino has confirmed to the Associated Press, citing the coroner of the County of Los Angeles. The Director lived in Beverly hills.

Cimino during his career, took eight pictures. The biggest fame he gained for the film “the deer Hunter” and “the sunchaser”.

Drama “the deer Hunter” talks about the participation of three of the Americans of Slavic origin in the Vietnam war. The picture, released in 1978, he received 5 Oscars, including “best film” in category “best Director”.

In turn, “the deer Hunter” has caused ambiguous reaction of critics. In particular, the picture disliked in the Soviet Union. Soviet critics have recognized the picture of a reactionary and inhumane. At the Berlin film festival 1979, the Soviet delegation expressed its indignation in connection with the screening of a film which, in their opinion, insulted the Vietnamese people in many scenes, and pointedly left the cinema.


Source and photo: vesti-ukr.com