Died Happy Zmanovskaya from the band “Banderos”: the latest news, biography

The famous singer is Pleased Zmanovskaya died yesterday in the United States, where she came to visit a friend. The former lead singer of the popular pop group “Banderos” died of a brain hemorrhage.

At the moment there is no information about when and where will take place the ceremony of farewell and funeral of the actress. The fact that the relatives of the deceased celebrity was closed from the public and prefer not to give comments to the press employees. Only from friends Zmanovskiy you can get at least some information.

Glad Zmanovskaya: the biography of the singer

Glad Zmijewska (full name Rodica Smirnovskaya) was born in Ukraine, in Chernovtsy. The girl was very talented. According to the permit of one of the district committees of the Komsomol in Chernivtsi region young Glad I came to enroll in the Higher Komsomol school. The girl is well studied. She is fluent in French, Ossetian and Spanish.

Under it was organized by the group “band’eros”. First, the team came in excited and Natalia. And then the group attracted two guys – Garik and Batista. In 2006 the group became popular. Every Russian knew famous all over the country clip “Columbia pictures presents no”, and other songs. Performed them Happy.

However, in the group the girl didn’t stay long. While still a student at Rada married. The official reason for the departure of the Happy group became pregnant. In 2007, Parliament has released their lineup.

However, there is another version. Rada was actively engaged in the promotion of her husband Alexander Zmievskogo. The couple even started a business, which soon became interested in law enforcement. The firm had to close. Parliament also left the group because I headed the one belonging to her husband “Investment company IVA invest”.

In recent years, Rodica was the producer. In particular, she acted as the producer of the film “Dancing in the desert” 2014. The peak of the success of her husband, Alexander Zmievskogo, was the position of General Director of “Oboronprom”. However, there are activities Happy husband interested in police. Not so long ago Alexander arrested in absentia on charges of fraud in especially large size. According to some, Alexander ran and hid in Turkey. The court arrested Alexander owned a house and two apartments. While at Rada, which was going through hard times, suffered a stroke from which she died.