Died Happy Zmanovskaya from the band “Banderos”: the biography of the singer, the cause of death

September 14 in the United States died ex-member of the band “Banderos” Happy Zmijewska (Rodica V. Zmanovskaya). This was reported by representatives of the group. As it became known, several days later, she was in a coma after a brain hemorrhage.
“A few days ago, Happy flew to her friend in California. In America, she had a brain hemorrhage. Radu was put in the hospital, tried to pump, but nothing helped. This morning she died. Parliament was a founder of the group. Under her and Natasha have created a team, then drew in his boys Gary and Batista. Relationship with the team good support, but have not really participated in their lives,” said the representative of group “Banderos”.

Happy (Rodica V. Zmanovskaya) graduated from the Higher Komsomol school (Moscow humanitarian University), where he arrived to study for the permit of one of the district committees of the Komsomol in Chernivtsi region. During his studies he married a classmate of Alexander Zmievskogo.

Zmanovskaya became famous as a participant established in 2005, the year of the pop group “Banderos”. And the team under her was created. In the future it was added Natasha Ibadin, rap artist Baptista (Kirill Petrov), Igor (DMCB, DJ and dancer) and Ruslan (dancer top breakdance).

The most famous and popular hits of the band “Banderos” became the song “Columbia pictures is not” and “do Not promise”.

In 2007 Rada left the band “Banderos”, as it was about to become a mother. After that, she produced films and worked in a variety of business.