Died former soloist of the band “Banderos” Happy Zmijewska – 24???

Died former lead singer of the band “Banderos” Happy Zmanovskaya. It is reported by REN TV, citing relatives of the artist.

The media got in touch with another ex-member of the band “Banderos” Batista. He said that only 13 Sep learned that Zmanovskaya in a coma.

Later representatives of the group “Banderos” said Super, a few days ago Zmanovskaya flew a friend to California, where she had a brain hemorrhage. The actress was taken to hospital, where doctors pronounced her death.

Glad Zmanovskaya

Recall that in the band “Banderos” Happy Zmanovskaya played until 2007. She had to leave the band, allegedly because of the pregnancy. Special popularity it has received thanks to such hits as “Columbia pictures is not” and “do Not promise”.

Glad Zmanovskaya is a native of the Chernihiv region of Ukraine. She graduated from the Higher Komsomol school, Moscow humanitarian University.

According to “IMDb”, Smirnovskaya also acted as Executive producer of the drama “Dancing in the desert”, which was released in 2014.