Died actress Stella Baranovskaya: fans shocked by her death

Fans of the actress Stella Baranovskaya, who died at the age of 30 years a few days ago, still can’t believe such a tragic outcome. Despite the fact that many knew that the artist for several years now struggling with a deadly disease, to imagine its demise at such an early age almost none of them could.

Star roles Baranovskaya remembered he could not, but it became widely discussed in the press because of illness. In particular, in the beginning of last year the aspiring actress came to the Studio of the program “live”, where the whole country talked about leukemia, who have struggled for a year and a half. She published on the Internet their personal history to fight a dangerous disease. It collected funds, many representatives of domestic show-business. But there were some people who did not believe in the sincerity of Stella. She was accused of a desire to earn malingering. However, on this occasion, the situation is quickly cleared when the actress began to spread in the network pictures from which it was possible to conclude that Oncology has seriously changed the appearance of the artist.

Fate decreed harsh way. 4 Sep life Stella Baranovskaya was broken. No efforts of the Russian and foreign doctors were not successful. To save the actress failed. Currently, friends and colleagues Baranovskaya engaged in the organization of the funeral. It is still unknown when will be the ceremony of farewell with the actress. We only know that the funeral will be held in Moscow.

From the late actress remained a six year old son. His supposed father called Maxim Kotin. According to the environment of Stella, father not to hurry to adopt the boy.

Stella Baranovskaya was born 27 July 1987. She graduated in acting direction, but her talent was not to be: the actress found out about the diagnosis threat in 2015 – the doctors diagnosed her with acute leukemia.

In a short period, when the disease retreated for a while, Stella has managed to star in the film “the grandson of the cosmonaut”, where she played a girl with a foreign car. The film was released in 2016. Also Baranovskaya played a cameo role in some TV series and movies.