Died actress Stella Baranovskaya: causes, when the funeral, the latest news

At 5 o’clock in the morning of September 4 from blood cancer died on 30-year-old actress Stella Baranovskaya. On the death of Stella announced TV presenter Kate Gordon. She learned the tragic news from her grandmother actress.

Stella Baranovskaya has no stellar role, information on her acting work in social networks is missing, although it is known that she starred in many movies, in television shows and movies, but mostly played a cameo role. Really famous girl fat because of her illness.

Critics long have accused Stella Baranovskaya in the simulation of disease – say, all of her, and collected on the treatment means the actress playing hooky and spends on leisure and entertainment. At this time the girl died, suffering unbearable pains.

Stella has long struggled with the terrible oncological disease – acute lymphoblastic leukemia. In December 2016 Stella said publicly about their diagnosis and methods of treatment. Then it became known that the actress has tried all the treatment options, even unconventional. It did not help. 4 Sep 30-year-old Stella died, leaving an orphan six-year-old son Dan. Now the fate of the boy attended star girlfriend Stella is a singer, actress and lawyer Katya Gordon and TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov.

It turned out that on the shoulders of Gordon has laid down a broad organizational issues associated with the funeral and fate Tribute. It is known that for a boy I have no one to look after, so it is possible that custody of the kid will make out Gordon and Chekhov.

We will remind, the American experts have diagnosed Baranovskaya at the end of 2015. The press has repeatedly reported that the celebrity tried to use unconventional cancer treatments. The woman managed to find a hospital where cancer is treated by the method of detoxification, an infrared sauna and yoga classes.

Visited Stella and Mexico. In this country the doctors promised to make an injection of a drug that is supposedly able to kill cancer cells. However, it has not brought results. The adjusted data suggest that Baranovskaya struggled with cancer – acute lymphoblastic leukemia

From the biography of the actress, it follows that Baranovskaya acted a little, mostly in small roles, just not having time to develop your talent and famous all over the country it has become, when he began to appear on television.

She came to the program “live” and talked about how she fought the disease, and what she was going through. If at first the actress some people do not believe, then, when the disease began to progress, to deny the obvious was no longer possible.