Diane Kruger broke up with Joshua Jackson

A ten-year relationship Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson ended their breakup. The representative of the couple said this a few hours ago. The cause of the breakup is not known, provided only that the decision was mutual and they parted friends.

A few months ago, in March, 40-year-old Kruger and 38-year-old Jackson moved to new York, but a long and happy life in a new place did not work. Earlier, the actress was torn between Paris and Vancouver, but moved to Jackson to save the relationship.
Then she said in an interview with the Edit:
“Move for me was a very difficult decision. This is a large and deliberate step in adult life.”
On Saturday Diana posted a photo from the plane. Leaving the Big Apple, Kruger wrote: “I do not say goodbye, I say goodbye.”
Why for such a long time they are not married, Jackson in 2014, said the publication of Glamour.
“We’re both not religious and see no importance for our relationship to stand before the priest and throw a big party. We both are born in marriages that fell apart over time, so it is difficult to see in the marriage of great value, but who knows, maybe when our views change, we’ll get married,” he said.
By the way, Diana was previously married to French actor Guillaume Kane, whom he divorced in 2006 after five years of marriage.
But evil tongues consider that the reasons for the separation of Diana and Joshua is the name, and it sounds like Norman Reedus. Sources say Diana had an affair with a colleague on the set, and this was the reason for the split relations Kruger and Jackson.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://www.usmagazine.com

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