Diana Shurygina were having a hen party in the Spa – 24???

Diana Shurygina were having a hen party in the Spa. 5, she married 29-year-old operator of the First channel Andrey Slavina.

According to “StarHit”, after the wedding ceremony beloved will celebrate a joyful event in the tea house where you will invite relatives and friends. Shurygina already purchased a wedding dress: the classic outfit in the floor with a train and veil.

Your bachelorette party Shurygina decided to spend in a Spa salon “Thai clouds”. Massage held stone therapy, did massage and held other beauty treatments.

Bachelorette Party Shurygino | “StarHit”

Throughout the preparation for the wedding with Shurygino was her assistant Diana Bicharova, with which she solved a lot of issues. According to Bocharovoj, Shurygina originally planned to get married, inviting a large number of guests. She also wanted to spend a relaxed, homely wedding, so “stopped at the teahouse”.

Bachelorette Party Shurygino | “StarHit”

Earlier it was reported that Diana Shurygina staged lewd party before the wedding.