Diana Shurygina went to the plastic surgeon before breast – 24???

Diana Shurygina, the star of the talk show “Let them talk”, intends to increase the bust. The girl chose implants with a special chip, informs “StarHit”.

Diana Shurygina | Cosmopolitan

31 Oct Diana, along with her husband went to a clinic in the Russian capital to attend a consultation about impending surgery for breast enlargement. Doctor Samir Sedyshev helped the patient to choose the appropriate size and shape of the implants.

“This operation costs about 300 thousand (rubles). Necessary preoperative examination,” said plastic surgeon in an interview with the Russian press. Diana Shurygina in consultation with the surgeon

Sedyshev told Diana about the benefits of implants chipped.

“Inside there is a special scanner. It can always be identified, putting a hand to his chest,” told Sedyshev.